New Spring Resources out NOW!

Three new Spring Resources for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in my shop now!

Check them out now!


Spring Writing and Poetry Pack


Spring Story Starters and Task Cards


Spring Creative Writing Pack


You can find ALL of these in my shop now and MORE!



First EVER Twitter LIVE Chat!


Tonight, I will be hosting the first ever #TESAuthorsUK Live Chat!

Tonight’s topic is ‘Homework-Why Bother?’

It doesn’t matter where you teach in the world or what you teach! Come and join us. The idea to host this chat was put together by a group of us that are TES Authors.

Come and chat this evening, 8pm UK Time.

The hashtag is:     #TESauthorsUK

You can find the hashtag by clicking here

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My Interview with TES

Was unsure whether I wanted to throw myself out there so soon but when TES offered me the chance of an Interview, I grabbed it with both hands and I’m so glad I did.

Have you read my interview with TES? If not, read it now!

Click here

It’s almost that time ….. REPORTS!

It’s almost that time of year again. If you are lucky and you are a Class Teacher, you will have less work than Specialist / Subject Teachers, some of whom have to write 400+ report comments… (I feel for you, I really do!)

If you are having a brain freeze or fart, yes, my son likes to call his ‘weaker moments’ brain farts, then be sure and check out my Report Bank Comment Resource Pack. It’s ideal for KS2/KS3/Middle/High School.

I am in the process of creating another for lower levels but it will be more skills based.

If you want to have a nosey, you can see a preview on either of my stores.

For US Resources go to either my TpT Store or my TES USA Store.


-Polly xx

Massive Sale on ALL Teaching Resources

Good Morning!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Just wanted to update you all- there are two places where you can buy Polly Puddleduck Resources. I have a shop on the TES and a store on TpT. Why shop and why store? Well, the TES is mainly British Curriculum and TpT is an American site with mainly American Curriculum. Most of my products are British and American English- yes, you will find two pages that may look exactly the same in the middle of your packs but if you look closely, you will see that a favourite becomes a favorite!

You can find my store/shop by clicking either of the two links below.



A few of my resources are being added to the TES Bundles!

Very exciting!

You will be able to find them by purchasing the TES Halloween Bundles between the 18-20 October!

• EY-KS2: Halloween maths pack
• KS1-2: Halloween English pack

You can visit my stores here and here

Hello! It’s the first post!

Good morning, 

I debated a lot whether to start this blog or not. I know that WordPress is becoming a thing of the past, more and more people are turning to other social media apps and websites to share things with the world. However, I know that there are a bunch of people that DO still use WordPress so this is for you. 

I’ve recently opened a TpT account. For those of you that don’t know what that is- it’s Teachers Pay Teachers. 

It’s a fantastic source for printables, lesson plans, thematic units, early finishers tasks, displays etc..etc…

You can find a huge variety of things for FREE 

The resources that cost money are NOT expensive, remember, it takes time and effort to create these ORIGINAL resources. 

Don’t forget if you DO download something – don’t forget to leave some feedback and a rating.

You can take a look at my store here


If you are a TpT user, please leave your Store Name so that I can follow you!