Summer Fun for Early Years and Key Stage 1

Lots and lots of new resources in my shop now!

Need something to keep your students occupied over Summer?

Why not check out this new Summer Activity Pack


❂ over 30 Revision Worksheets NO PREP needed just print and staple!
❂ Number Formation and Recognition
❂ Story Tasks
❂ High Frequency Words / Sight Word Tasks
❂ Summer Sights and Sounds
❂ Written Tasks for Emergent Writers
❂ Healthy Eating
❂ Addition
❂ Subtraction
❂ Basic Multiplication
❂ Colouring Pages
❂ Tracing
❂ Shapes
❂ Nouns and Adjectives

Summer Activities – check it out and more in my shop now!


Digital Teaching Resources – The Pace of Change

With up to a million downloads per day of free material, TES Global provides a platform for teachers to share ideas and materials for lessons.

In recent months, TES Premium Authors have come under scrutiny and many in the same profession suggest that teaching resources should be free. Unfortunately, some are not aware of how time consuming creating a resource can be. Many of us spend days or weeks creating materials. We have paid money for fonts and clipart. It’s not as easy as just downloading a font from the Internet, we still have to follow correct protocol and the law. Fonts must be available for commercial use. Any Clipart that is used must be in the public domain and/or if purchased follow the correct terms of use set out by the Illustrator or Designer.

This year, I have spent around 150 pounds on Clipart, Fonts, Merchandise and Advertising. That’s 150 pounds and it’s only February!

Recently, a few TES Authors have had comments left on resources (reviews) stating the price is too high……………………first of all, that’s an opinion, not a fact! Some ‘wished’ the resource had of contained more. Tell me WHERE can you get an 80+ page educational textbook with lesson plans / worksheets AND activities for less than £4? Yes, many resources on TES are actually priced too low! Many of us are underselling but we know how important it is to have good quality resources available.

The prices on TES are actually much, much lower than they should be. We realise that many teachers do have to buy their own resources, pay for their own ink and paper and therefore our prices are reasonable. We ARE thinking about the buyer, however, many of us are losing out and should probably be charging double.

Please, READ before you buy. Many of us include lengthy descriptions AND previews. If you can’t get the information that you are looking for from the description, move on. If you bought something that was 24 pages, don’t then return and leave a review saying ‘it was a bit short’ or ‘there weren’t many pages’.

There are over 250,000 resources on TES Global and hundreds of Premium Authors. Nobody is twisting your arm- READ the descriptions!

We want to make a better future generation. We know what our students need. Large publishing houses often haven’t stepped foot in a classroom yet we trust them to build us what we need to cover the curriculum.

It’s time to put the ball in our court, it’s time for us to take control. We only want what’s best for our students and for our fellow colleagues.

We don’t always charge for resources, we aren’t that mean! We also offer FREEBIES. Many of us include samples and/or weekly freebies and we all love positive feedback. If you leave a comment, please, remember, what we tell our students, if it isn’t constructive criticism – don’t bother.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

You can check out a few of the Premium TES Author shops by following these links.
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Betsy Belle



teachers resource



Learners’ Labyrinth


teachers tool


If any TES Authors want their shop/store added to this list- please, drop me an email!


First EVER Twitter LIVE Chat!


Tonight, I will be hosting the first ever #TESAuthorsUK Live Chat!

Tonight’s topic is ‘Homework-Why Bother?’

It doesn’t matter where you teach in the world or what you teach! Come and join us. The idea to host this chat was put together by a group of us that are TES Authors.

Come and chat this evening, 8pm UK Time.

The hashtag is:     #TESauthorsUK

You can find the hashtag by clicking here

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KS1 and Ks2 Christmas/Winter Resources

Image 1 (no attribution required)

Below you will find all the Ks1 and Ks2 Christmas /  Winter Resources that are available in my shop!

Christmas Writing Pack

Included in this download are over 70 task cards ranging from ‘story prompts to writing lists’.
Students will absolutely adore these tasks!
Excellent for Early Finishers.
The cards do include some ‘Christmas’ tasks but there are only a handful. They mainly focus on a general ‘Winter’ setting rather than Christmas based activities. This resource is appropriate for students aged 7-11.

Winter Writing and Poetry Pack

Students will love these fabulous Winter Writing Printables.
Included in this 20 page NO PREP needed download-

Writing Templates with Winter/Seasonal related pictures
Cinquain and Quatrain Poetry Templates
Sensory Poem Templates
Writing Tasks
Compare and Contrast (seasonal task)
Brainstorming Templates

Your students will love these worksheets and so will you! No prep needed- just print and use!

Winter Maths and Literacy Pack (Fun with Elves)

This is a HUGE fun activity pack for the winter season containing 40 NO PREP Printables! Just print and go!
The pack is large enough to be used for all of December!

Resource includes-
-Singular and Plural
-Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs
-Santa’s Workshop task
-Winter Writing Templates (with suggested words and without)
-Address writing
-Creative writing
-Alphabetical Order
-Alphabet Work
-Word Work
-Colour by numbers
-Elf Activities including ‘Find the hidden elves’
-Time (Hour only)
-Addition and Subtraction

Be sure and check out the preview and please, if you download, leave some feedback-thanks

Ideal for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 (Year 3 as a really Super EASY fun pack!).

Winter Maths and Literacy Pack 

This FUN Winter Maths and Literacy Pack will keep your students busy until the end of term!
Included in this HUGE 88 page download-

-Over 40 worksheets (resource includes a variety of levels for differentiation)
-Addition Worksheets
-Subtraction Worksheets
-Fraction Worksheets
-Creative Writing tasks
-Acrostic Poem template
-Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheets
-Fun winter colouring activities
-Winter Weather Worksheet
-Winter Clothing Worksheet
-Over 10 conversation starter task cards (these are great for classroom discussion, if you have five extra minutes before the end of the day)
-Over 70 Winter Flashcards (these can be used for display purposes or word walls)
-Resource includes a workbook cover page (if you want to use this as a workbook for early finishers)

Winter Creative Writing Pack

This Winter Creative Writing Pack will have your students writing in no time!
This resource includes story prompts on templates.
There are full sentence prompts and also words for weaker children.
A differentiated must have pack for your classroom this Winter!
Laminate for long term use.
Suitable for students aged 5-11.

Winter Outdoor Task Cards and Games

It’s Winter, NO, that does not mean you should be searching for indoor activities – of course, yes, there needs to be indoor learning but PLEASE, make sure you take your students outside in Winter.
I have compiled 110 task cards and games for Winter Outdoor Learning!
The cards are split – yellow are TASKS and green are GAMES.
You can laminate these and loop them with a keyring hoop for extra durability or you can use a plain old grip.

These task cards cover ALL areas of the curriculum. They include; science, geography, understanding the world, literacy, art and maths.

110 Task Cards – you can choose ONE a day!! 🙂

and finally…….. Do you need a DISPLAY?


The Ultimate Winter Display Pack

Included in this HUGE 75 page download-
Can be used for EYFS /KS1 / KS2
This huge pack will compliment your students winter work beautifully!
90 Winter Words/Labels (can be used for display purposes or writing prompts)
Material for –
A Winter Wonderland Display
Penguin Display
Christmas/Winter Tree with Gifts Display
Santa Claus
Colouring Pages
Winter Writing Template
2 Winter Banners


You can find ALL of these resources and MORE on my TES Shop.

All resources have UK/USA Spelling Variation.





Winter Writing and Poetry Pack


Students will love my Winter Writing pack.

Included in the 20 page pack is-

Writing Templates with Winter/Seasonal related pictures
Cinquain and Quatrain Poetry Templates
Sensory Poem Templates
Writing Tasks
Compare and Contrast (seasonal task)
Brainstorming Templates

Your students will love these worksheets and so will you! No prep needed- just print and use!

Click here to download! Leave some feedback – thank you!

My Interview with TES

Was unsure whether I wanted to throw myself out there so soon but when TES offered me the chance of an Interview, I grabbed it with both hands and I’m so glad I did.

Have you read my interview with TES? If not, read it now!

Click here

It’s almost that time ….. REPORTS!

It’s almost that time of year again. If you are lucky and you are a Class Teacher, you will have less work than Specialist / Subject Teachers, some of whom have to write 400+ report comments… (I feel for you, I really do!)

If you are having a brain freeze or fart, yes, my son likes to call his ‘weaker moments’ brain farts, then be sure and check out my Report Bank Comment Resource Pack. It’s ideal for KS2/KS3/Middle/High School.

I am in the process of creating another for lower levels but it will be more skills based.

If you want to have a nosey, you can see a preview on either of my stores.

For US Resources go to either my TpT Store or my TES USA Store.


-Polly xx